White Hall Baptist History

White Hall Baptist Church began in February of 1990 as a mission of First Baptist Church of Richmond, Ky.  First Baptist, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention all worked together to provide the spiritual and financial support that was needed to get us started as a congregation. 

Rev. Lamar Lyon was appointed as church planter by the NAMB and served as Pastor through November 1997.  The first meetings were held in a rented house on Winesap Drive in Madison Village.  Our congregation began meeting at the present location in December 1990. 

The parterships we enjoyed with the KBC and NAMB ended after two years, and our partnership with First Baptist Church continued until 1996, when our congregation constituted and we became White Hall Baptist Church.  Bro. Curtis Warf, retired Pastor of First Baptist Church served as White Hall's interim Pastor from January until July 1998. 

The church called Bro. Roger Lipe from Greenville, Illinois as its second full-time Pastor.  He began his service on August 2, 1998 and resigned on June 4, 2000. 

Bro. Bill Carter served as interim Pastor until the church called Bro. Tim Beard of Florissant, Missouri, our current Pastor.  He preached his first sermon to a record crowd for a White Hall worship service Sunday morning January 7, 2001.