Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth… 2 Timothy 2:15

3401 Colonel Rd.
Richmond, KY 40475


Our purpose in participating in all mission endeavors is to follow the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 as we witness and teach the nations, and with the heart of Proverbs 3:27 as well:
“Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.”
Let us open our minds and hearts to minister to others, for in knowing Christ comes our desire to give to others.


Some things present themselves suddenly as a need or crisis arises. To help address these needs, the Missions Committee has placed a small, marked basket to the right as you enter the church through the foyer.
If you know of a church member or someone in our community who has a need, please place a note with the name and phone number of the person as well as details about the person’s need.
The missions committee will look over each one and see if and how we can help. Some needs may require a small group of us to help.
We hope this will assist in identifying how we can serve the community.


May 12 – June 16, 2024
We will collect coins and bills in baby bottles that go to assist the Pregnancy Help Center in Richmond.
This Center provides for the mothers who are struggling, but who have chosen to give life to their unborn child.



Ryan and Sarah Bibb, faithful members of the church, are valuable leaders in the CRU program, which is a ministry to college campuses that meets young men and women right where they are and provides guidance and spiritual nurturing to them as they perceive direction in their lives.
Ryan and Sarah are a marvelous inspiration and testimony to so many students as they help them change the scope and purpose of valuable hearts and lives through their planned activities and group witnessing at Eastern Kentucky University.
Your donations help Ryan and Sarah with this important work.


We never forget our very own people in Kentucky and in this community.  From donating a basement full of items to help the people in Eastern Kentucky as they struggled with flooding, high winds, tremendous damage, and total loss everywhere to taking many Christmas gifts to a particular locale in that area a few months later.
In December we place Christmas stars on a tree, each one representing a needy child’s Christmas wish for a special toy or shirt that he otherwise could never hope to have. Or a mother who needs a pan or skillet, or a package of sheets. The members choose stars and lovingly place each gift under the tree to be delivered to the families.
Some of our men have helped Richmond families with clean-up and mild construction in damaged areas.
Whatever touches the heart, the talent, the skill, or the mind, there is a project that lends itself to it.


White Hall Baptist Church has a heart for missions of every kind when the need is deep-seated in God’s Great Commission.

Our church supports Good Shepherd Ministries in Haiti and sends teams who give tremendous effort meeting construction needs there as well as meeting spiritual needs. We support three schools there, in Cap-Haitien, Savanne Carre and Bi-Claire. Before Christmas our members gather urgent items in designated plastic bags that are shipped to Haiti… full of rice, beans, packaged meat, wash cloths, school supplies for those who can attend school, and a tiny toy that fits in the bag. These over-stuffed bags contain lots of necessities and surprises!

We support Scot and April Keen who work diligently in the Ethnos 360 program that helps to plant churches internationally by partnering with each other.

A team from our church has traveled to El Salvador to assist in an eyeglass clinic as well as spend time with newly organized churches that are still meeting within a concrete structure as they seek funding for building supplies.
A women’s conference was also held to encourage Christians as they witness for the Lord.
Other mission teams have traveled to Cluj, Romania, to conduct services, conferences, and to assist in many additional ministries, some of which will always tug at our hearts.
Our financial support travels across the Atlantic to our missionary friends, Steven and his wife, Kelli Shaddox and their team efforts in the Czech Republic.

Lottie Moon Foundation

During the Christmas season, the church always contributes to this special offering for foreign missions.
Our Royal Ambassadors (a teen group of young men) also participate by setting up a “postal service” for the church members to send cards to each other.  When the cards are put into the boxes designated by the last name’s first initial, the sender puts the calculated postage amount in a box to collect for the Lottie Moon Offering.  These boys pass out the intended cards to every recipient, and the postage amount is added to the church’s overall contribution.
Learn more about the Lottie Moon Foundation.